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Highland United Methodist welcomes all children and families to join us as we learn and grow in faith together.

Welcome to our Letterboxing Adventure!

Your goal is to locate all the letter boxes and collect the stamp at each location.

Start on the portico!  On the bench next to the sanctuary door you will find a crate containing "Letterboxing Booklets" and taped to the front of the crate are two sets of clues:  one for the blue series, the other for the red series.  Take a booklet and a clue and you are on your way!

At each box, read the story, consider the questions, stamp your booklet.  Return the stamp and inkpad to the box and get the clue for the next box.

At the final box in each series please put your name and the date and time in the log book.  This will help us track participation!  Also in each final box there is a small gift for your to take home.

Find all the boxes and get a prize!   When you have all 14 stamps, contact amy@highlandumc.org to arrange a time to claim your prize!

Please note:

There are a total of 14 letterboxes divided into two groups.  You can do just the red series or just the blue series—-or you can do both if you have plenty of time.

When you finish your first series, go back to the portico to get the location clue for the first box in the next series.

You will use the same stamp booklet for both series.

IMPORTANT!!!!    Please make sure that each letter box and any interior bags are sealed completely and that the box is returned to its exact location.  This will help more folks enjoy our hunt.

Parents should participate with  their children throughout the hunt to help ensure safety and help us make sure the boxes are closed and returned properly.

Having trouble finding a box? Click here for a map!

Holy Week/Jesus Week 2021

If you are traveling or sticking close to home during the week of March 28-April 4, don't miss this opportunity to observe Jesus week with your family.

One suggestion is to read a Jesus story each day.  Here is a list of Holy Week stories from Luke's gospel that can be a great starting point.

The Holy Week Story

Sunday          Luke 22:24-27         Who is the greatest?

Monday        Luke 22:7-20            The Last Supper

Tuesday        Luke 22:47-53         Jesus is arrested

Wednesday  Luke  22:54-62        Peter denies Jesus

Thursday      Luke 23:13-25         Pilate condemns Jesus

Friday            Luke 23:33-49         Jesus is Crucified

Saturday       Luke 23:50-56         Jesus is Buried

Easter            Luke 24:1-12            The Tomb is Empty

Last fall, we moved our children's spiritual formation groups outdoors.  Our Wonder Kids groups will resume in late February/early March as the weather warms.

Wonder Kids honors the spiritual life of your child, engaging his/her natural sense of wonder, awe and imagination.  Wonder Kids is fun, learning, wondering, growing--all rolled up together.

Learn more about Wonder Kids!