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Volunteer opportunities

HSP Committee Member: The HSP committee manages the planning process for the entire project. We need a designated chairperson and secretary plus persons or groups to manage:

  • volunteer recruitment
  • participant recruitment
  • work site selection
  • program planning
  • food organization
  • camp setup.

Project Advisor: Visits client homes to survey one or more work sites and prepare a detailed write-up that clearly describes to the work team what is to be done, and how to do it. Also generates a materials list.  This is the plan the work-teams will use to guide them through the week. This work is done a few weeks before the project begins and does not involve living at camp.

Site Supervisor: Provides support for one or two work-teams to accomplish their work by running errands (which usually includes picking up and delivering building materials), offering technical assistance, and helping the work-team leaders develop a plan of action. There can also be some coordination with plumbers, etc. and others to keep the work progressing during the week. Site supervisors are also responsible for specifying the set of tools their work team(s) need to accomplish their work each day. To stay in close communication with your work team(s), site supervisors should live at camp and participate in all aspects of the project. It is helpful to have a basic working knowledge of framing, plumbing, roofing, etc. If you have or can borrow a pickup, you’ll be ready to go!

Work Team Leader: Work team leaders work in pairs to lead a team of youth (typically four) to perform all the tasks necessary to accomplish the prescribed repairs at a work site.  Experience with basic tools (saws, drills, etc.) and home repairs is helpful, but not a requirement. You will be supported by a Site Supervisor to help guide the technical aspects of the work, and arrange for materials. One of the work team leaders will drive the team to the work site each day; that person must be at least 25 years old.  Work team leaders are expected to live at camp and participate in all aspects of the project. We guarantee a really amazing week!

Food Organizer (Kitchen Mama): Food organizers provide support to the cooks who have come in to cook and/or serve each meal at camp.  They can do this because they will have become familiar with the facilities at camp and know how to set up the meal line.  Food organizers will also oversee the youth preparing their lunches for the next day and set out a snack late in the evening. And our food organizers run the show for Wednesday’s covered dish dinner. Our goal is to have sufficient food organizers to support a rotation of duties so you get some nights in your own bed!

Cook: A team of cooks will cook or procure food and serve it for a dinner or a breakfast.  We will need cooks for Sunday through Friday dinners (except for Wednesday) and Monday through Friday breakfasts. Your food costs will be reimbursed. The meals should be nutritionally balanced and of sufficient volume to support a hard day’s work by teenagers and adults.

Kitchen errand runner: Kitchen errand runners can help with the initial cleaning, stocking, and setup of the camp kitchen and could also help throughout the week by buying and delivering ice to camp or making a milk or other grocery run.

Tool attendant: Tool attendants can help with loading tools from the parsonage on Sunday then setting up the tool shed at camp.  We also need tool attendants to be at camp between 3:30 and 5:00 p.m. each work day afternoon to check in tools as work teams return to camp.  Each evening, tool lists are modified by site supervisors and those changes must be made in each work team’s set of tools. Finally, the tool shed must be emptied and tools loaded-up and returned to the parsonage on Saturday after the project. We can accommodate partial-week volunteers but ask that all tool attendants participate in a training session so everyone will use the same process.

Camp nurse: We all breathe easier when we have an RN onsite anytime we are at camp. It is a plus if you can update our first aid kids before camp and are able to be on call with all participants’ emergency forms during the week in the event of a work site injury.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities or would like more information, please contact Miles Smith at 404-797-6243.