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Highland Service Project

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the concerns about gatherings and what July will look like for Highland and other spaces, the traditional HSP service project will be put on hold for this year. We are sad about these circumstances, but service will still be done to help the needs of those suffering and struggling now. HSP: Community Impact will be virtually based to meet the hunger needs in our community.


All information below is in keeping with State, CDC, and Highland United Methodists guidelines on the COVID-19 Pandemic. All actions and outreach will be conducted safely with precautionary measures and other safe practices of social distancing and sanitation.


Great Question. We will begin now with spreading the word for a food drive to congregation members, neighbors, family, and anyone else.

The camp itself will be held July 19th through July 25th! 


Glad you asked...

HSP: Community Impact is a project THIS SUMMER with a three level service approach to make the biggest impact in our community. Kits, Food Drive, and an optional supplemental youth specific service that follows under safety guidelines.

HSP Kits-  Kits will be available for pick-up on Sunday, July 19th. Youth will be participating in building small kit based projects for their own family and other church/community members. These small projects will be family based. Work team leaders will be calling in with the youth to see how the kit project is going.

  • Included in Kit: Call script for food drive, call/mailing list, goal tracker for canned food, building projects and supplies, T-shirt, journal/devotional, work team and leader information, full outline for week, all online links for streaming and instructional videos, and more

Food Drive- HUMC will be organizing and conducting a food drive for all of July. Youth will be on the front lines of reaching out to church members, family, and friends to meet a goal for those in need. Outreach will be done via internet, phone calls, and other forms of safe practice. This is a congregational effort and will take all youth, adult volunteers, and congregation to make a community impact. I encourage everyone to participate in collecting food and making phone calls.

  • July 25- Adult Volunteers will be taking shifts for food drive deliveries/ drop-offs to the church

Supplemental Service- After completing a service survey and assigned to a Work Team, on July 19th you will meet or call with your Work Team Leader and parent/ guardian to discuss and plan out a week long service catered to the specific youth's interest. Consider your talent and how that can be put to use!


Devotionals- There will be morning devotionals found in the HSP Kit with direct links to streams and videos all throughout the week. Adult leaders will be calling and checking in personally and meeting via zoom with groups to go over goals and show off their creations and service, along with following up on morning devotionals.

Streaming/ Service - HSP Band will be playing all week with a service and devotionals led by Highland's Sarah Wallace with other guest.

We can start this effort NOW!

If you are able, you can begin grabbing a few extra cans online or at the store, along with telling friends and family about this extreme need and our effort and goal to provide food for those in need in our community. Spread the word now so we can make a larger impact with our service.

The greatest need is for canned vegetables with low or no salt/sodium added and canned fruit in 100% juice or water or light syrup, but you can click here to see a complete collection list.

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