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Led by Christ, Inspired by Christ, to Go Out & Live For Christ

Find here an open and accepting group of youth who are figuring out what it means to be a Christian in our current world and how to live out their faith, making connections between what happens in church on Sunday and how you live your life the rest of the week.

Congratulations to our high school graduates:

Gabriel Adamson - Southeast Raleigh HS, attending Univ. of Ala. Huntsville
Aidan Cronin-Hudgins - Broughton HS, attending UNC Chapel Hill
Benjamin Franklin - Cleveland HS, attending NC State University
Faye Gant - Crossroads FLEX HS, attending Western Carolina Univ.
Sarah Louise Johnson - Broughton HS, attending High Point Univ.
Adam Mottershead - Enloe HS, attending Western Carolina Univ.
Lee Murray - Broughton HS, attending ECU
Anne Lacey Seaton - Broughton HS, attending NC State University
Edward Shutt - Broughton HS, attending Univ. of North Carolina
Junko Takahashi - Riverside HS, attending Univ. of Richmond

Upcoming Events

Camping Trip – July 13-15

Highland Service Project – July 22-28

SLAM (Students Living A Mission) – July 30-August 3

Fall Youth Group Kickoff – August 26

Pumpkin Unloading – October 7

Crop Walk – October 28

Trunk or Treat – October 30

Pilgrimage Fall Retreat – November 9-11

“Fleece” Navidad (Christmas Party with a Purpose) – December 16

International Mission Trip – Summer of 2019