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First: Putting God First in Living and Giving

How do know we really put God first in our lives? The Bible talks about idols, but we don’t recognize idols in our own lives.  Ancient people worshipped idols to bring rain for the harvest, to ensure health and prosperity for their families. Our modern idols look different, but the temptations are still there. They are often those good things that are desirable, but when we put them before God, they become idols. Join us as we face the challenge of examining our own lives and commit to put God first.

  • October 28 - The Competition: Naming Our Idols
  • November 4 - The Challenge: Giving Our Best
  • November 11 - The Commitment: Heart Giving
  • November 18 - Thanksgiving: Ways of Giving to Others
  • November 25 - Loyalty: Christ the King Sunday

Come Home for Christmas

Holidays are often a time for homecoming. We spend time decorating our homes, preparing meals, and getting ready to welcome friends and family. As we prepare to welcome the Christ child, we’ll explore how we decorate our spiritual homes with hope, peace, joy, and love, decorations we can leave up all year long.

  • December 2: Hope
  • December 9: Peace
  • December 16: Joy
  • December 23 & 24: Love