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Stewardship Regatta

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Stewardship Regatta

Wednesday, November 14  6:10pm Bradley Hall

So we all know that stewardship  doesn’t have anything to do with ships, but as we wrap up our annual stewardship campaign why not have a little fun with the concept.

Our Stewardship Regatta will take place next Wednesday evening after supper.  Families or teams can enter the regatta. Here are the guidelines:

  1. Boats must be made from recycled materials (pool noodles, empty soda cans, empty juice boxes or other treasure from your recycling bin should be the base/hull.)
  2. Boats must be less than 5” wide—otherwise they’ll be too big for our “river.”
  3. Please use the attached outlines for the sails. Before attaching the sails to your vessel, families/teams should carefully consider the questions and record their responses on the sails-or decorate your sails and boat in such a way that it represents your conversation.
  4. A regatta is technically a race–but since stewardship is not a competition we will be sailing our boats and showing off our creations without judging winners and losers.  Have some fun and talk together with your family and friends about how God floats your boat.

Parents!  Please note that this really about the conversation–the boat part is just an excuse to talk with your children as a family about stewardship, the values that are important to your family, and how your family can strive to put God first—or at the very least a little higher on the list.  

We hope you will join us for the fun next Wednesday evening as we show off our boats for the Stewardship Regatta.  It would be helpful to know if you plan to attend the meal. You can make a reservation here. If possible please respond by noon on Monday.  


Please come back tomorrow!   The links for the conversations and sail patterns will be posted Friday evening, November 9—so sorry for the delay.