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United Methodists are called to love their neighbors by seeking peace and justice for all. As a denomination and as individuals, we seek to discern how to faithfully do that in a broken, beloved world.

Welcoming the Stranger

The UMC’s General Board for Church and Society recently released a statement opposing the sending of U.S. military troops to the border. Click here to learn more.

Join Our Micah 6:8 Team

Micah 6:8 Team addresses social justice issues through study, education, advocacy and action.  Contact Joe Burton for information.

“What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

Third Tuesdays Social Justice Forum

This forum is a monthly series exploring social justice issues, meeting at 7 PM in the Conference Room on the third Tuesday of every month.

Join us January 15 at 7 PM to learn about Safe Families for Children from guest speaker Kimberly Curlin, Community Lead and Family Coach. When instability threatens or when a crisis strikes, many of us rely on relatives and friends for support. But for some parents, this is not an option. Safe Families for Children seeks to help parents in crisis get back on their feet by providing a loving, temporary home for their children and/or access to a supportive community. Safe Families is a volunteer-driven non-profit movement. Volunteers are motivated by faith to keep children safe and keep families intact.

Congregations for Social Justice

All are invited to attend the annual Congregations for Social Justice Dinner on Monday, February 4, 2019, at 6 PM in Bradley Hall. The dinner will be catered by Interfaith Food Shuttle’s Horizon Catering and the featured speaker will be Tom Campbell, moderator of the popular WUNC-TV show “NC Spin – Balanced Debate for the Old North State.” He moderates a panel of two conservatives and two liberals/progressives who are all well-versed in the current political climate in North Carolina. As you can imagine, the panelists often do not agree with each other, but under Tom’s leadership and example they discuss current issues with respect for each others’ opinions and it is obvious that they actually do care for each other as individuals. Campbell will give us some pointers on how to converse and disagree with honor and respect with our sisters and brothers on “the other side.”

Advocacy for Social Justice

Join us in February for a church-wide Sunday school series focusing on advocacy for social justice.  Justice is a topic which occurs throughout the Old and New Testaments, and informed John Wesley’s ministry and Methodism.   The class will discuss both and learn how doing effective social justice advocacy can be a feature of discipleship in current times.

February 3: Biblical Justice and Righteousness – Guest speaker
Justice and righteousness are two topics that occur throughout the Old and New  Testaments. We will discuss how both inform our advocacy for social justice in our present day.

February 10: John Wesley’s personal and social piety – Guest speaker
John Wesley was in ministry to the poor and lower classes of the 18th Century. He was aware of structural injustices of English society, and was an advocate for those in need. We will discuss his ministry and how it has influenced Methodism in the United States.

February 17: Advocacy at church as Christian discipleship – Brian Heymans, Board of Church and Society
Church members often believe that advocating for social justice is political in a way that interferes with or is contrary to Christian religious practice. We will discuss how advocacy for social justice can be a feature of Christian discipleship.

February 24: Advocacy exercises – phone calls, letter writing, and emailing – Brian Heymans and Joe Burton
Contacting civic and governmental leadership about a particular justice issue can seem difficult and time consuming. There is also the feeling that it will not make a difference. We will talk about both and learn how to make effective messages, both written and verbal.