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Making Highland a Welcoming Space

For Your Safety:

Construction is on-going! Please keep in mind a growing portion of our campus is now a construction area; for your safety, please do not walk past construction fences and barricades without permission from site managers.

Entering Our Facilities, November 2 - 9

"Phase 1" Construction

Highland is looking forward to improving accessibility, increasing parking, and renovating current facilities. Thanks to the 2017 Making Space for God Capital Campaign, construction will begin in summer of 2018. Click here to learn more about our Master Plan.

Construction beginning on July 15th, 2018 will include the following:

  • Site work
  • Addition of parking in lot on Ridge Road
  • Renovation of existing parking lot
  • Connection between parking lots
  • Addition of storm water retention pond
  • Addition of stage in Bradley Hall
  • Renovation of Bradley Hall

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Project Updates

Week of November 11:  For the time being, the sidewalk beside Bradley Hall going into the courtyard will be torn up and inaccessible. To enter the education building, you will need to enter through Bradley Hall at the end of the building closest to the parking lot.  (Look for the orange fencing that provides the walkway from the parking lot into Bradley Hall.) We ask everyone's patience and courtesy as pedestrian traffic through Bradley will be a necessity for a few days, regardless of any event or meeting occurring in Bradley Hall.

More rain! (Ugh!) Rain is slowing the process down, but the concrete forms are being finished for the new islands that will redefine the parking lot near Bradley Hall. As soon as the ground is dry enough to finish the curbs and guttering, we can look forward to more asphalt, but frequent and heavy rain is certainly impeding the process.

The parking lot work now extends all along Bradley Hall and the end of the Sanctuary. The main parking lot remains open, but there may be times when you need to enter the building through Bradley Hall while work is being done closer to the Sanctuary entrance. The exact details change hour by hour, so we appreciate everyone's flexibility and willingness to follow the instructions of our construction crew as they seek to ensure everyone's safety around the work area.