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Making Highland a Welcoming Space

For Your Safety:

Construction is on-going! Please keep in mind a growing portion of our campus is now a construction area; for your safety, please do not walk past construction fences and barricades without permission from site managers.

"Phase 1" Construction

Highland is looking forward to improving accessibility, increasing parking, and renovating current facilities. Thanks to the 2017 Making Space for God Capital Campaign, construction will begin in summer of 2018. Click here to learn more about our Master Plan.

Construction beginning on July 15th, 2018 will include the following:

  • Site work
  • Addition of parking in lot on Ridge Road
  • Renovation of existing parking lot
  • Connection between parking lots
  • Addition of storm water retention pond
  • Addition of stage in Bradley Hall
  • Renovation of Bradley Hall

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Project Updates

There's asphalt!! While the entrances are not quite finished, you'll notice a big difference the next time you're at Highland. New parking spaces are being striped and will be available for parking on Sunday, December 9, if not before. The new sidewalk along Ridge Road is being poured Wednesday, December 5. The new parking area is completely paved, but there's additional sidewalk work along the back of the building still underway. Stick to the usual parking areas, which have been expanded.

During the week, December 3 - 7: Plan to continue entering the parking lot from Ocotea. Entry to Bradley Hall is about to get vastly easier, as it is now paved all the way to the new entrance. You'll still need to enter from the end of the building, as the courtyard area remains under construction. This is also the best choice for access to the entire facility, unless you need to use the handicap accessible entrance along Lake Boone Trail.

December 8 - 9: The entrance to the parking lot from Ridge Road will be open, though it will be packed gravel. The new parking spaces closest to the Sanctuary and Bradley Hall entrances will be open and available for use. (Yay!) Enter Bradley Hall and the education building through Bradley Hall, as we have done since November. Enter the Narthex by walking up a gravel path or along the newly poured sidewalks that line Ridge Road. Those with accessibility needs can still use the circle along Lake Boone trail.