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Moving Forward at Highland

At the January Church Council retreat, Rev. Charlie Baber presented an overview of the planning work done in the past two years that has affected Sunday morning worship, how we bring new members into the church, and how we share Christ’s love with our community.  Click here to read the complete report.

2018 Lay Leadership

Church Council Chair – George Hedrick

Lay Leader – Aaron Brothers

Treasurer – Mike Pate

Finance Ministry Team Leader – Ruth Moore

Financial Secretary – Jim Duke

Staff Parish Relations Committee Chair – Rick Richards

Board of Trustees Chair – Leslie Hobbs

Lay Members to Annual Conference – Andrew Fletcher, George Deaton, Aaron Brothers, Sarah Wallace

Alternate Member to Annual Conference – Pam Brothers

Recording Secretary – Allison Morgan

Legacy Leader – George Deaton

Children Ministry Team Leader  – Hilary Wilkinson

Youth Ministry Team Leader – Bob Seaton

Spiritual Formation Team Leader – Janet Baucom

Communications Ministry Team Leader – Janet Baucom

Care Ministries Team Leader – Candi Scott

Worship Ministry Team Leader – Janet Stuber

Endowment Ministry Team Leader – George Deaton

United Methodist Men Representative – Scott Loftin

United Methodist Women Representatives – Jane Gray, Diane Racey

United Methodist Youth Representative – Lawson Cope

Senior Adult Ministry Team Leader – Charlie Stuber

Young Adult Representative – Allison Morgan

Parsonage Committee Chair – Ann Morgan

Hospitality Ministry Team Leader – Todd Kretzschmar

Micah 6:8 Ministry Team Leader – Joe Burton

Library Ministry Team Leader – Billie Poole

Highland Children’s Center Team Leader – Tom Turner

Click here to view a complete list of our ministry teams.