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What is Lent? The word lent comes from an Old English word for "spring season," and indeed it is still tied to the lengthening days as we move from winter into spring.  But Lent also refers to the season of the church’s year that precedes Easter, beginning with Ash Wednesday and continuing six weeks to the climactic celebration of Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Historically, the Christian Church has used Lent to prepare new Christians for baptism on Easter weekend.  More commonly, Christians use the season for a kind of "spring cleaning" of the soul: clearing out all the junk that gets between us and God, adopting practices of fasting, prayer, and reflection to focus our attention on Christ, and preparing our hearts for the spiritual work of Holy Week (the last week before Easter).

Sundays in Worship - Written on Our Hearts

Scriptures tell the stories of God’s redemption and the covenants God makes with people along the way. God’s covenant promises are steadfast, even when we fail to be faithful, even when we feel like our whole world has grown distant from God. Hear again this Lent the promises of God: to be present with us, to redeem us, and to work in and through us, promises written on our hearts. Join us for worship:

Holy Week Services

Palm Sunday, March 28

Worship via live-stream at 11 AM and outdoor at Highland at 1 PM.

Maundy Thursday, April 1

7 PM Outdoor worship with Holy Communion, recalling Jesus' final evening with his disciples

Good Friday, April 2

7 PM Worship online on our streaming site, retelling the story of the last days and death of our Lord

Easter Worship

Sunday, April 4,  Worship at Highland

9 AM Outdoor Worship in the parking lot with Communion and the flowering of the cross

11 AM Live-streamed service celebrating Christ's resurrection

Lenten Devotional

How are the covenant promises of God written on our hearts? Many ways, including scripture, art, poetry, prayer, and song. Each day's devotion will have a scripture text and another element to help us reflect on our relationship with God and observe a holy Lent. This year's Lent devotions will be primarily received as a daily e-mail, though we will do a limited printing for those who strongly prefer a paper copy.

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Service - February 17, 2021, 7 PM online at sermon.net

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent.  We gather in worship to remember our own mortality, but also the redemptive future God has planned for us.

Worship with us on our streaming site.