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One-on-One Discipleship


  1. Growing our comfort in talking about faith and integrating it into everyday life
  2. Developing our comfort and willingness to pray with others
  3. Having a Christian relationship with safe space for vulnerability and accountability


  1. Plan to meet every week or every other week.  If you can’t meet for a few weeks, plan on a longer meeting the next time you gather.
  2. Doing what comes naturally to at least one of the group is more important than forcing everyone to read something that no one likes.  Highland’s library has some possible resources that you could use for a shared devotional. Alternatively, reading through a portion of Scripture works well.
  3. The first couple of meetings are well spent simply discussing what each person hopes to get out of the time together.  It’s okay if there isn’t a lot of structure, but be sure to pray together.
  4. Ask one another “how can I pray for you?” and be sure to pray together before parting.
  5. Agree up front how long you will commit to meet together.  Six months is a minimum for the relationship to grow and be fruitful; a year is better.  Clear expectations at the beginning make it easier for everyone.
  6. We recommend pairs; however, a group of three can be good as well, so if one can’t make it then the other two still meet.
  7. Find a slot in the calendar that is typically conflict-free and expect to keep that commitment; there’s exceptions and grace, but name the commitment. This helps build continuity for many folks.
  8. Agree to confidentiality in your conversations; such trust is critical and helps promote honesty.
  9. Occasionally doing something fun together outside your normal meetings is definitely encouraged; consider including families.

Possible Resources:

This Day: A Wesleyan Way of Prayer by L. H. Stookey

40 Days with Wesley: A Daily Devotional Journey by Reuben Job

These books and other great options are available in Highland’s Mary Smith Memorial Library.


These guidelines are meant to be helpful and instructive, but grace abounds and we encourage you to find what works best for you. Need assistance or support along the way?  Contact Rev. Janet Baucom.